Tuesday, November 10, 2009

thank you friends

day by day in jatinangor. very first time i came to this place, i feel very bored! "oohhh, jatinangor is sooo hot, very boring, middle of nowhere, and bla bla blasssss" hahahaha. and its been a year i live in this place. yaaaaa, after i familiarize, and now i quite pleased living here. hehehehe. my 18th birthday was on my last dorm room in wisma dara. my dear friends, fitri, irish, tika, andin, piqa, peby, eka, and astrid came to my room gave a very surprised surprise to me. and next, on november 25th, i meet again my born day in jatinangorrr. and, what will i get next? hahahaha, i don't know. i just want to say very thank youuuuu to youuu friends. you make me feel like home, here. loveeee youuuuu :)) and these are photos on last november 25thleft to right: me, peby, fitri, piqa, aya, irish, andien, tika, eka

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