Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm not good at stringing words beautifully .. this is for you, lovely berdualima :')

these are my best friend, my family, my half life, and my happiness ..

we laugh, we joke, we're skipping school, we learn, we cry together .. for me, nothing is more beautiful than this friendship .. all just walk, until we really feel comfortable to be with .. conflict for us is not a big problem, even with that, we become closer and stronger ..

Currently, we're enrolled at different universities.
Time goes by so fast. I really do not want this friendship ends, I'm sure this will last until we die. I love you my berdualima :')

This is second year after we're not together again in one scope as two years ago in Sman1tra.
But we stay together. We will stay together. Friends, do not ever change .. still be my best friend, my family, my half life, my happiness always, together, and forever.

I love you, my lovely berdualima :')

hugs and kisses -Gia

some photos @ Soundlicious

fully audience

Adhitia Sofyan

Endah N Rhesa

and standing applause for Galengan